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Console Updates- Manual Downlink and Fixes

· 2 min read

This release includes the ability to manually downlink from Console, UI updates, and a number of Router (backend) fixes related to packet transfer.


  • Allow users to manually test downlink for a device from within Console. Instructions here.
  • Updated event logs to add categories for errors.
  • Provided ability on the Device index page to choose the number of devices to display on screen.
  • Added the ability to apply bulk actions to all devices.


  • Resolved an issue related to a state channel causality check that caused packet loss and the ability for devices to rejoin.
  • Downlink payloads no longer incorrectly display as empty in the Debug Window.
  • Addressed an issue that devices may have trouble joining due to initially connecting to a Hotspot with weak RSSI. To resolve multiple copies of packets may be purchased, but users are only charged for one. Only the Hotspot that forwards the packet earns rewards.
  • Released a patch to address the issue of DIY Hotspots not able to transfer data. As a reminder regardless of Hotspot (DIY or “official”) devices need to pay Data Credits to transfer data.
  • An issue of communication between Console and Router that led to dots or events occasionally not updating correctly has been fixed.
  • Labels no longer auto expand within Console when navigating content.
  • Fixed issue preventing scrolling left nav with many Labels.


The team’s focus in the coming weeks (usual disclaimers apply):

  • Provide ability to pause data transfer for a device or an Organization.
  • Make debug information easier to view.
  • Update MQTT integration to allow more flexibility.
  • Include support for LoRaWAN adaptive data rate (ADR).
  • Release Console and its backend network server and blockchain components (Router) as open source.