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App Version 2.2.0

· One min read


Updated Payments UI

In this new update, we've revamped the payments UI. Use the QR code scanner to not only populate the recipient address, but HNT amounts embedded in the QR code will populate as well!

A guide on how to generate these new QR codes will be coming soon.

Burn HNT to generate DC on behalf of a Console user

Since the launch of Data Credits, Console users were only able to purchase Data Credits using a credit card. But what if you have access to HNT? With this new update, you can generate a Burn HNT transaction from Console, scan the QR code using the app, and HNT will automatically be burned, generating Data Credits that goes into your Console account.

Never run out of DC again.

Bug Fixes

  • This updates an error message when trying to add a Hotspot and the miner is busy.
  • Fixes a bug when trying to update location