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Console Post Mortem

· 3 min read


  • We're moving the Phase 3 Data Credits go live date to 8/11 for further testing and fixing issues.
  • A fix has been pushed to address issue with Hotspots not transferring packets.
  • We're going to improve communication and status of issues with this tool, subscribe here.

Long week

It’s been a long week for Console and we’re sorry for any inconvenience.

Throughout this entire process we have tried to be transparent to keep users informed and updated as best we could.

Releasing Data Credits live is an important milestone and these updates need to be made before any devices started paying for packets and Hotspots can start earning rewards for transferring.

During testing we have discovered issues that we’ll need additional time to fix and test.

Therefore the team has decided to push the phase 3 Data Credits live date from 8/4 to 8/11.

Until then device users will continue to connect without needing Data Credits, and Hotspots will continue earning as usual.

What went wrong

These state channel v2 changes are a massive protocol update for the blockchain. We've needed to test state channels to ensure devices correctly pay for connectivity with Data Credits, and verify correct communication between the Console backend (Router), and Hotspots to accept the offer and sent packets to the desired location. There was an issue with state channels not correctly spaced out and a gap ensued. This communication issue between state channels and Router prevented packets from being forwarded. We updated chain vars to fix this issue.

Another issue prevented Hotspots from forwarding packets despite otherwise normally participating in POC challenges.

We pushed out a fix this afternoon which includes a mechanism that allows a Hotspot to connect to Console when transferring packets.

Better communication

To improve communication going forward in addition to Discord announcements, we will ensure Console backend (Router) status is kept up to date here.

This tool will allow us to better provide status updates in real time, and we will also use it for future planned maintenance updates. Please subscribe to get updated in real time.

After Data Credits go live, we will give much more advanced notice for future maintenance updates that may result in interruption of packet transfers and minimize the time frame for disruptions. However, we don’t anticipate needing to make any fundamental infrastructure changes that rival the scope of the work that caused this outage.

We’re sorry

All the teams, blockchain, firmware, Console work very hard with the community to build this network and the tools needed to use it and our sincerest apologies for the interruptions.