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Prevent Dropped Downlink Packets

· One min read

This 2020.07.29.0 release fixes a bug in miner that resulted in numerous downlink LoRa packets being dropped.

In addition, this release upgrades the Linux image on the Helium Hotspot to Buildroot 2020.02.1. This LTS release of Buildroot includes various security fixes and allowed us to upgrade the onboard Erlang/OTP installation to 22.3.1.

Lastly, this release also bumps the onboard blessed snapshot to block height 435601.


  • Prevent dropped downlink packets: PR:


A 2020.07.29.0 release was deployed to the beta group on the morning of Wednesday July 29 at around 10:30AM PDT. After reactivating the state_channels_v2 chain variable we expect to release 2020.07.29.0 to GA at 2:00PM PDT later that day.