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App Version 2.1.0

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Forget Wi-Fi Network

  • This feature allows users to forget a wi-fi network that the Hotspot has remembered, so that you can either update the password, or connect to a new network
  • To forget a network, tap the Hotspot settings, pair with the Hotspot, and tap the network name. The app will cycle through all the networks profiles saved on the Hotspot until they're all forgotten. Then you can connect to a new network.

Updated Assert Location

  • We've updated the UI when a user sets their location. It will also show how much HNT needs to be burned in order to update location.
  • A reminder: All Hotspots come with 1 free add_gateway and 1 free assert_location transaction when purchased from Helium.

Bug Fixes

  • In the Network > challenges page, sometimes tapping on a challenge will display a completely unrelated challenge. This is fixed.