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Console Data Credits via HNT

· 2 min read

We’ve moved the date when devices need Data Credits from 7/27 to 8/3. On 8/3 all device owners must pay Data Credits to transfer packets and Hotspots start earning HNT for data transfer from devices.

Key feature updates

  • Acquire Data Credits with HNT
  • Email notifications and UI improvements

Acquire Data Credits with HNT

We’ve made further updates in preparation for Data Credits going live. We anticipate these updates will be released week of 7/27.

  • Owners of HNT will be able to acquire Data Credits by ‘burning’ or converting their HNT into Data Credits.
  • Initially HNT owners can use the Wallet CLI tool and then later directly with the Helium mobile app.

More Data Credit information here.

Email notifications and UI improvements

  • Email notifications will be sent to administrators for Data Credit events including: purchases, transfers, low Data Credit balances.
  • Data Credit balances for Organizations and Devices added to UI.

Other updates and fixes

  • The styling of Console has been updated for improved usability.
  • Every new Console sign up receives 10,000 Data Credits (existing Console users also received).
  • Backend updates for better performance.


Here’s what we’re focused on in the coming weeks (usual disclaimers apply):

  • Add multiple devices to Console through import via CSV file.
  • Provide support for LoRaWAN ADR.
  • Open sourcing Console and its backend network server and blockchain components (Router).