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App Version 2.0.0

· 2 min read

Removal of GPS Status

In our last release 1.9.0, we introduced and experimental feature on a Hotspot's GPS status that was meant to be informational.

It was clear to us that GPS was not a useful metric to validate Hotspot coverage as satellite positions change, clouds get in the way, or if a tree happened to sway in the wind.

Because of this, we are removing the GPS information and will not depend on it to determine a Hotspot's ability to earn HNT.

Some other updates:

  • We've updated the API used under the hood.
  • You may notice Hotspot Activity loading take a bit longer. We've changed how that information is loaded so that the rest of the app is speedier, and swiping between Hotspots is less buggy.
  • Wallet now supports sending payments using payments_v2 transaction types.
  • Fixed a crash when viewing a Confirm Location transaction on the accounts page

Known Issues

Switching Wi-Fi networks doesn't work if both Wi-Fi networks are found in the scan list.

  • If you need to update your Wi-Fi credentials and both old and new networks appear in the scan list, contact and we can help manually update it for you.