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Console Import and Data Credits

· 2 min read

Key feature updates

Next week we’ll provide the ability to import devices from The Things Network Console directly from the Helium Console.

That capability currently exists with our CLI tool here, but we’ve made it easier to perform directly from the Console UI.

Acquire Data Credits

Devices will need Data Credits to transfer payload data (uplink and downlink) on the Helium Network.

We’re taking a phased approach to when:

  1. Users can acquire Data Credits via credit cards.
  2. Users can acquire Data Credits via HNT.

In terms of deployment, we plan to make Data Credit acquisition with Credit Cards and via HNT in July.

Even though Console users will be able to initially acquire Data Credits, we will communicate when devices will require them at a later date.

Phase 1 Purchase via credit card

We’re starting with Data Credit purchases via credit cards.

Users will be able to:

  • Purchase Data Credits directly through Console (minimum $10 transactions), per organization.
  • Set up a recurring autopayment when their Data Credit reaches a certain balance ($5 equivalent worth of Data Credits).
  • Receive email alerts for a number of conditions related to Data Credits.
  • Add multiple stored credit cards.

Phase 2 Purchase via HNT

A number of users have requested to use their own HNT to acquire Data Credits.

After we have completed the Credit Card implementation we’re moving on to allow users to convert HNT to acquire Data Credits.

Users will be able to:

  • Acquire Data Credits with their HNT balance directly via the Console and their mobile app.
  • Just use their mobile app or the Wallet CLI tool to acquire Data Credits.

Remember Data Credits are non-transferrable, and non refundable. Users will need to make sure they send Data Credits to the correct recipient.

Fixes and issues

  • We fixed a state channel bug that was causing sync call issues during downlink messages and also blocking uplink messages. This bug also caused inaccuracies with the fcount.
  • Console email invitation links work with Microsoft Outlook.
  • Debug packets are limited to 10 packets before needing to refresh.
  • Frequency for Downlink events are correctly reported in Console.
  • Script validator payload input can accept 00 Hex.