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Sync Issues Remediation

· 2 min read

Recently it's come to our attention that a growing number of Hotspots are having issues staying in sync with the chain. Hotspots use RocksDB as their storage layer for the ledger and the blockchain. RocksDB offers a feature called snapshots which purports to provide an immutable, read-only version of your store, in this case, old ledgers to make validation cheaper. Unfortunately, due to an as-yet-unidentified issue, either to do with RocksDB itself, how the RocksDB Erlang NIF library is written, or how our code is creating and using these snapshots, we're seeing some writes which have been synchronously written to disk missing from the snapshots.

While we look into this, we're releasing this image, which will make affected Hotspots fall back onto a less efficient path when they run into a validation error. The less efficient path is not affected by this issue, and syncing should continue.


  • Drop Snapshots on Validation Error: PR:
  • Condense Block Absorb into One Context: PR:


A 2020.06.22.0 release was deployed to the beta group on the afternoon of Monday June 22th at around 3:40PM PDT. After testing we expect to release this to GA around 5:30PM PDT.