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New Gateway Cache

· One min read

In an attempt to improve block times, we have developed a new Hotspot cache which keeps the deserialized spots in memory for longer, so we're not constantly fetching and refetching the same information from the disk. There's also a change make validation of Proof of Coverage(PoC) receipts substantially cheaper.

Together these changes should make it easier validate incoming blocks and block times should improve. Also stemming from this performance investigation, we anticipate lowering the maximum PoC path length via chain variable transaction in order to reduce the cost of validating length six and seven PoC paths, which are currently rarely successful.


  • Re-fix Bad GPS Fix Reporting: PR: miner/420
  • Add Hotspot Cache and Optimize ECDH: PR: core/490


A 2020.06.15.1 release was deployed to the beta group on the morning of Tuesday the 16th around 10:00AM PDT. After a brief period of testing we plan to release it to GA around 11:00AM PDT.