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Console Network Server and Infrastructure Improvements

· One min read

Key feature updates

See below for the updates and enhancements we’ve made to Console.

Network Server and infrastructure improvements

  • Console and the Network Server now use web sockets for internal communication instead of caching which improves performance for a number of capabilities including switching integrations.
  • Updated Console testing infrastructure which allows us to do full testing without any dependency on the Network Server.

UX enhancements/updates

  • Gateway channel info is included in json payloads.
  • The number of devices connected to a Label is reflected in the Console left-hand menu.
  • The Downlink URL is populated with the Integration ID’s and Downlink Keys.
  • Users can create Labels while they’re adding new Integrations.
  • Smoother onboarding flow to add devices for first time Console users.

Next up

We’re working on supporting the acquisition of Data Credits using Console. The initial release will allow users to purchase Data Credits using their credit card directly from Console.

In a follow up release users can use their own HNT to convert and add to their Data Credit balance.