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App Version 1.8.0

· 2 min read


A new app version 1.8.0 is now available for iOS and Android

New Features

Hello Helium Community!

Hotspot Activity Filter

In this updated, we added filters to Hotspot activity. Now you can filter by the type of activity your Hotspot has done, including participating in challenges, creating challenges, and (new!) transferring data packets on the network.

Data Packet Transfer

Wondering if your Hotspot has transferred data packets? Wonder no more. Don't see any activity? If you have a LoRaWAN device, you can test it out yourself to see how it works. Don't have a LoRaWAN device and want to join in the fun? Join the Helium Community and learn how to set one up.

Display Payment v2 transactions

If you have sent or received a payment v2 transaction, you can now see it displayed in the mobile app. Payment v2 transactions allow the sender to send HNT to multiple recipients with one command in the CLI.

Include Device information in Diagnostic Reports

To help serve you better, we've added device information (phone type and operating system) automatically in diagnostic reports.

Fixed Bugs

Fixed Android Bugs

Known Issues

Filtering Hotspot Activity by Consensus group may return no activity even if the Hotspot has participated in Consensus.

  • this is caused by the API timing out. We have fixes planned next week to increase the speed of the API

Switching Wi-Fi networks doesn't work if both Wi-Fi networks are found in the scan list.

  • If you need to update your Wi-Fi credentials and both old and new networks appear in the scan list, contact and we can help manually update it for you.