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Initial Work for On-Chain Packet Routing

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This release lands a bunch of work (7000+ lines of code) to enable proper packet routing using the ledger information. This work also lays the groundwork for paying for packets with data credits. You can read more details in the earlier blog post here.

Additionally this release fixes a bug that could cause the Honeybadger BFT reliable broadcast sub-protocol to fail to converge in some rare situations.



A 2020.05.09.0 release was deployed to the beta group the evening of Friday the 8th PST. We did some testing over the weekend and into Monday. Monday afternoon we identified some small fixes and cut 2020.05.11.0 which we deployed to the beta group around 4:30pm PST. At about 7pm PST, if the betas look good we will release to GA. On Tuesday morning we plan to activate the routing tables on the blockchain and perform the subband 2 switch by GAing a second release, which will simply change the config files for the subband 2 switch.