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HBBFT Speed and Correctness Improvements

· One min read

Block Weather

Recently, we mentioned that we had some pending speedups to our HBBFT implementation. This image releases them to the cluster.

These changes mostly speed up HBBFT by eliminating duplicate work. Our threshold decryption library, used (albeit indirectly) to anonymize transaction proposals, now retains its verification state in between operations, which both makes it faster to use and harder to misuse. Additionally, the local node was not giving its own inputs any special treatment, despite the fact that it knew them already, so now it retains the pre-verified and decrypted shares for the combination phase of the protocol. There have been a few other changes to guarantee that we're duplicating as little work as possible.

Additionally, this release contains:

  • Currently disabled code for resetting witnesses over time, which will be activated later.
  • Relaxed Proof of Coverage receipt timeouts, so we will wait longer for a delayed request.


GA Plan

The image will be put on the beta group around 2PM PDT, and will beta overnight.