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HBBFT Signature Phase Fixes

· One min read

Block Weather

Lately, as our receipt count has improved, we've been seeing long block times again.

We have spent a couple of days doing some performance analysis and instrumenting the consensus code a bit better, and have come up with some changes that should hopefully improve the situation. This release mostly focuses on some correctness issues with the signature phase of our HBBFT system. There will be another release in a few days which should contain some speedups to HBBFT primitives, once we've had a chance to validate them for a bit longer.

This release also contains various low-level tweaks to things like P2P relay selection, and when exactly a block is gossiped on.



In the late afternoon of Tuesday, April 21st, we rolled this image out to the beta group. It has betaed overnight and we will roll it out to General Availability sometime in the late morning today, April 22.