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Console Debug mode

· 2 min read

Key feature updates

  • We’re releasing Debug mode Monday April 20 as we described last week.
  • Users can access Debug mode on a specific device or label page. This allows users to view data from a single or multiple devices.
  • Debug mode will display 10 packets at a time.
  • Each packet is made up of two parts: the information sent from Console to an integration, and information sent to Console from the backend independent of the integration.

Impact of planned update

Payload information on Console will only be available while using Debug mode.

UI updates/fixes

  • The historical number of packets sent by a device is displayed: for all time, last 24 hours, last 7 days, and last 30 days.
  • myDevices integration event message no longer blank.

Next up

We’re adding the ability to execute functions on Console, the first will be used to decode payloads. Users can create a decoder function, and add a custom script to decode the payload. Users can test scripts to ensure they’re working properly.

After applying the decoder to a label, the payload of any devices with that label will be decoded. If there is an integration connected to the device, both the raw and decoded payload will be sent. If the Debug mode is enabled, the decoded payloads will display on Console in real time.