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helium-wallet 1.2.0

· One min read

We just pushed a new 1.2.0 release of the helium-wallet.

  • Moves -f and --file to before the command. The wallet file option is considered a global option which needs to precede the command.

  • Adds a new global option --format which specifies the output format of a given command. The supported output formats are:

    • table (default) - The existing visual table output
    • json - A json form of the output of the command

    The json form is handy for scripts wrapping the wallet commands

  • Removes the --hash option for the pay command since the --format json output gives the equivalent information and more

  • Removes the short version of the --hashlock and --timelock options to the htlc command since they conflicted with global options.

The binary release of the cli is available on the releases page.