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API Route Changes

· One min read

The new API has been deployed to (development) and (prod) for a couple of weeks now and as part of moving the mobile application to it we realized that two routes were not quite consistent.

/v1/blocks/:height and /v1/blocks/hash/:hash currently return a paged response that includes both the high level block details and a paged list of transactions.

In order to make paging more consistent and not return duplicate information, we're going to:

  1. Add new routes /v1/blocks/:height/transactions and /v1/blocks/hash/:hash/transactions to get a paged list of transactions for a block at a given height or hash, respectively.

  2. Remove the transactions field from the result of /v1/blocks/:height and /v1/blocks/hash/:hash.

This will require a change from code using the API to retrieve transactions, but should make API usage more consistent.


This API change is ready in a pull request and will be merged and deployed to and on April 7.