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Console Backend phase 2 and UI Updates

· One min read


Key user experience enhancements:

  • Labels mapped to integrations are easily identifiable by Integration icon.
  • Device details: includes packet transferred numbers.
  • Device index page includes: Labels, Integration, Frames up, Frames down, Date added, Last connected.

Another round of updates planned for the Console backend, this Monday, April 6.

Impact of planned update

Device events stored prior to Monday’s update will be purged from Console.

Planned updates

Backend update phase 2

  • The backend will aggregate Integration reponses (over 3s) and report them all at once to Console.
  • Update data sent to Integrations:
    • Adding devaddr field
    • Renaming any timestamp field to reported_at
    • Adding frequency, spreading, and status to each Hotspot object
  • Update data sent to Console:
    • Same as above
    • Adding port field