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App Version 1.6.0

· 2 min read


A new app version 1.6.0 is now available for iOS and Android


Hello Helium Community!

In this release, we included big changes to our notification system that you’ll start to see more of in the coming weeks. Soon you’ll receive information about your Hotspots, earnings, and more.

Also in this update the introduction of “Witness too close”. What does this mean? It means if a Hotspot is within 300ft of witnessing a Hotspot transmit and reports it to the challenger, the Hotspot will not be included in the witness list of that challenge.

A witness that is too close may not provide enough information about the validity of the hop in the challenge.

  • Example: if a Hotspot in an open office setting sent a packet and another Hotspot heard the transmission 50ft away. It's not clear if the transmission made it outside the office building to another Hotspot down the street and doesn't tell the system enough information about the success of the hop.

When a witness is considered too close, they will appear as grey in that challenge.

This update also removes the alert Hotspots get when their score declines, updated terminology in diagnostic reports, and other small bug fixes.