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Chain Variable 18

· One min read


We continue to receive excellent feedback from the community regarding some of the decisions we made with the introduction of PoC V8. This update clarifies the new chain variable transaction we issued on Thu 13 Feb 2020 09:29:39 PM UTC.


  • Consensus group membership not geographically diverse: In order to ensure that the consensus members are geographically diverse, we have reduced the election_cluster_res from 8 to 4.

  • Lower bucket for good RSSI values too strict: In order to allow witnesses seen at RSSI values below our initial expectation to be considered good enough for constructing paths, we have reduced the lower threshold poc_good_bucket_low from -115 to -118. Note that since this is a logarthmic scale, we believe that any RSSI below -118 is likely too low to be considered good enough.


You can find the chain variable transaction details here.