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Emergency Out of Memory Patch Release

· One min read

Block Weather

Despite our prior efforts, we have still been tracking (and debugging) high memory usage in our storage engine, RocksDB. We have identified some additional fixes and this issue has become critical as of block 186592. This block was somewhat large and has triggered Out of Memory kills on much of the network as it propogates out. This release contains improvements that should allow the network to absorb past that block.

Additionally this release bumps the assume-valid block to 186622.


  • RocksDB cleanups in ledger: PR: core/359
  • Compact libp2p peerbook on startup: PR: libp2p/251
  • Increase libp2p relay lifetimes: PR: libp2p/252


We'll beta this release briefly starting around 9pm PST and release it to general availability ASAP thereafter.