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· 2 min read

With this update we hope to alleviate some of the known concerns regarding POC path construction while also fixing some overlooked typos.


We've updated the following chain vars:

poc_version56Update poc version to disallow pathing with known impossible RSSI values
poc_typo_fixesundefinedtrueIntroduce this chain var to trigger POC receipt validation typo fixes

We have updated the poc_version to 6 which triggers filtering witnesses eligible for a potential next hop when constructing a path to have reasonable RSSI values. We track known RSSI values as a histogram in the ledger for each hotspot and can veriafiably prove that a hotspot A has witnessed another hotspot B with an impossible RSSI value in accordance with the Free Space Path Loss.

Prior to the typo fixes we were mistakenly dropping about 1/3rd of POC receipts when doing validation. We expect the number of POC receipts to go significantly up with this change. However, to not break consensus rules we have masked this change behind poc_typo_fixes chain var and have activated it to be true.