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Linux Kernel Beta Deploy

· One min read

On November 25 around 11:30 AM PDT we rolled out a new beta release.

Hotspot owners have been reporting long blockchain sync times anywhere from 3 to 5 days after onboarding. The assumed valid block was last bumped in hotspot firmware release 2019.11.08 to 106,300. As of 3:30 PM November 25 PDT the blockchain height is at 119,322. This means that when a hotspot is done syncing 89% of the blockchain the rate at which it syncs the remaining 11% is much slower. This 2019.11.25 release bumps the assumed valid block to 116,796.


  • Linux Kernel: Upgrade Linux kernel to 4.19.81 for an upcoming hardware revision.
  • concentrate: Upgrade concentrate for SX1302 support.
  • OTA Updates: Issue firmware update requests on port 443 instead of 5022.
  • Transaction Bundles: Add support for transaction bundles so that the Helium mobile app can submit the add hotspot and assert location transactions in the same block. PRs: miner/256

Deployment Plan

We plan to let this 2019.11.25 release beta for a few hours before making it available to all hotspots.