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Blockchain API Update

· One min read

As part of updating the blockchain-api to support newer routes and squash some critical api bugs, the team has pushed out a new release of the production blockchain-api.


The new release contains the following updates:

  • Fix a google maps reverse api lookup crash, which would previously cause the whole application to shut down.
  • Add hotspot name to /api/accounts/<account_address>/gateways route for easy cross-checking of account holder hotspots.
  • Rounded off block sync percent to be in line with the current state of the hotspot.
  • Enable /api/hotspots/<address>/challenges route which shows a list of poc challenges a hotspot has done so far.
  • Enable /api/hotspots/timeline route to check newly added hotspots.
  • Enable /api/accounts/<account_addres>/rewards route to check account rewards.
  • Add support for oui_v1 transaction posting and querying.
  • Add support for security_exchange_v1 transaction posting and querying.