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Beta Deploy

· 3 min read

On November 1 around 3 PM PDT we rolled out a new beta release to better distribute PoC requests throughout the election cycle, and including some other longer-term engineering improvements.

Block Weather

We're aware of the increasing block times and low PoC success rate and are working actively to ameliorate them. They are largely a result of increasing hotspot density interacting poorly with our soon-to-be-deprecated initial PoC path selection code.

We're working as quickly as possible on a new version of this code which should scale more cleanly due to its use of radio data, rather than asserted location, for hotspot neighborhood graph construction. If the new code to spread the work into more blocks isn't effective enough, we will likely alter the PoC challenge interval from 30 to 60 to decrease the number of PoC receipts that we have to process. Since the PoC rewards are proportional, rather than per-challenge, this should not, in aggregate, effect challenge rewards once the challenges have redistributed themselves. We expect challenge rewards to rise as we improve the distribution and make them less expensive to process.


  • Validation Timings: We've added more log data so as to better understand which transaction validations are expensive, so that we can better optimize them.
  • PoC Request Randomization: We've changed how we approach the randomization of when in the request cycle PoC requests are issued. This should do a better job of spreading them out and allow more of them to go through. This change also persists temporary receipt information so that fewer requests are lost to restarts.
  • Prorated Rewards: Up to now, we have calculated all rewards on the basis of an idealized 30 round election period. This is sometimes not the case. The code here prepares for the activation of a new chain variable which will switch us to a code path that changes all rewards to use the actual period (other than for consensus rewards, which will continue to use the ideal period to disincentiveize delaying the completion of elections). Expect another dev blog update when this variable is activated.
  • Chain Var Validation: All chain vars are now fully validated when their transaction is absorbed. This is a safety measure to keep hotspots with stale firmware from absorbing blocks that have chain vars their firmware doesn't know about, which they cannot safely process.

Deployment Plan

We plan to let this beta over the weekend, but may activate it before Monday if block times continue to be poor.