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iOS and Android App Release Notes to Date (1.0 to 1.4.6)

· 5 min read


  • Fixed an unrecoverable bug when you enter irrelevant information in custom endpoints

iOS Version 1.4.5/Android Version 1.4.5

  • Sent Payment transactions appeared as + instead of -. This bug is fixed
  • When there's a firmware update, the app will disconnect with the Hotspot over bluetooth so that it can get an update
  • The app sometimes thinks the Hotspot it's trying to pair with is not who it says it is. This is also fixed.

iOS Version 1.4.4/Android Version 1.4.4

  • fixed crash loop when there is only 1 pending transaction in a user's wallet

iOS Version 1.4.3/Android Version 1.4.3

  • Improve data fetching speeds from the API

iOS Version 1.4.2/Android Version 1.4.2

  • Update HLM to HNT
  • Other minor bug fixes

iOS Version 1.4.1/Android Version 1.4.1

  • FaceID and TouchID support for iOS and Android
  • (iOS only) App stability for iOS 13 devices

iOS Version 1.4.0/Android Version 1.4.0

Redesigned Network Stats

  • In this new update, you’ll find a brand new Network Statistics UI. See who’s in a consensus group, view Hotspot maps, block explorer, and challenges. Average block times and circulating HNT are also included in this update. Keep your eye on Helium app updates because we’ll be adding more interesting Network statistics soon!

Witnesses in Challenges

  • When you view Challenges, you can now toggle witnesses on and off, so you can see a better, clearer, zoomed-in view of a challenge.

Setting Up Wi-Fi

  • Show Wi-Fi password when setting up your Hotspot’s internet connection.

Blockchain Sync Percentage

  • See how blockchain synchronization is going with a clear sync percentage for every Hotspot you own.

iOS Version 1.3.0/Android Version 1.3.0

Hotspot Activity

  • Did you see your Hotspot participate in a challenge and want to explore further? Now you can view more by tapping the challenge number or block number to see what happened.

New Witness List

  • We’ve added more detail in each Challenge. See which hotspots witnessed different stages of a challenge path.


  • Bug Fixes (iOS only)
  • Fixed an app crash when you tapped on a specific transaction

iOS Version 1.2.0

Hotspot Diagnostic Report

  • This new feature allows you to run a diagnostics report on your Hotspot - check on its inbound and outbound connectivity, its sync status on the blockchain, and unique details about your Hotspot to send to support when you need to. To check this out, go to your Hotspot’s Setting and run diagnostics report.

Hotspot Status

  • We’ve made several improvements at how the Hotspot communicates its status to you. Is it connected? Is it synced to the blockchain? Now we show that information for every hotspot you own. The Hotspot also has a more reliable and realistic Online/Needs Attention status indicator, so no more false alarms.

Challenge City

When you are looking at Challenges in the network tab, we now tell you where the challenge occurred. No more guessing!

iOS Version 1.1.3/Android Version 1.1.3

  • New Notifications - Learn how many tokens you’ve mined every week from your Hotspot.
  • We’re no longer displaying scores from Hotspots in the app simply because it was a little confusing and because we’re revamping how scores are calculated. Until then, your Hotspots will continue to participate in challenges, mine tokens, etc. Everything is business as usual. We just won’t show the scores.
  • In the Network tab, when viewing a list of challenges, now you’ll know the city where challenges occurred.
  • We’ve added the app version to our More menu so that if you contact support, you’ll know which app version you’re using.

iOS Version 1.1.2/Android Version 1.1.2

  • Users with iPhone 6s were unable to confirm their Hotspot’s location because the size of the data packet transferred over bluetooth was too large. We adjusted the size of the packet and users are now able to set their Hotspot’s location.
  • Reduced the time ago indicator to say mins instead of minutes, keeping activity types like “Joined Consensus Group” from touching other text.
  • Users were not asked to pair with a Hotspot if it was recently paired, resulting in failed confirm location transactions. We’ve fixed the timeout of the pairing process so that a fresh connection is established every time.
  • Added Online/Offline Hotspot status to Hotspot List View.
  • Your total account balance is now on one line.

iOS version 1.1.1

  • We now allow Hotspots to connect to Wi-Fi networks that have no passwords. Woot.
  • Sometimes the app will crash when you view a consensus group transaction in the block explorer. It doesn't crash anymore.
  • Fixed location permissions so that if you deny it the first time and enable it later, you can still set your Hotspot's location.
  • The language around using Ethernet wasn't clear. You don't need to wait for the green LED light to appear to know that ethernet is working.
  • On the Network tab, when a new challenge result comes in and you're viewing an older challenge, the app will switch out the view from under you and serve up the new challenge, causing much confusion. Sorry about that. It won't happen again.

iOS version 1.1.0

  • When completing the passphrase quiz, sometimes the same word appears twice. This isn't useful so we made sure that doesn't happen.
  • When entering Wi-Fi credentials for the Hotspot, the submit button was behind the keyboard which made it pretty hard to continue. Sorry about that.

iOS Version 1.0.0

  • Helium Hotspot App Launches!
  • Create an official Helium Account with 12 unique words that act as your private key
  • Onboard Hotspots purchased from Helium
  • View the Network! See how Hotspots are challenging others using Proof-of-Coverage, as well as see the Block Explorer and Network Coverage.