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Beta Deploy

· One min read

On October 25 around 6 PM PDT we rolled out a GA release to address blockchain syncing problems. This was a network-wide change that intentionally broke compatibility with the previous 1.0 version of the blockchain sync protocol.

While the change did not appear to effect any hotspots that were already fully synced with the blockchain, several reports of stuck or backwards syncing hotspots began arriving the following morning from customers who had just finished onboarding their newly unboxed hotspots.


The beta group was updated with Hotspot firmware version 2019.10.25.1-2-g64a37ee4 which includes:

  • Add block height to assume valid block information
  • Implement recursive locking for blockchain mutex
  • Bump assume valid block to 98917 (2019.10.29.0 GA release only)

Deployment Plan

We plan to let this beta overnight to give the targeted hotspots enough time to resync past the assumed valid block from scratch. If resyncing succeeds we will tag the branch as 2019.10.29.0 and confirm that the GA release OTA updates successfully before making it available to all hotspots.