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Wallet Status Update

· 2 min read

As the number of hotspots grows with the national launch a number of issues were reported by some users and the engineering team:

  • Some times pending transactions are cached incorrectly in the app which can cause the app to show the block-chain being down. This has affected a small number of customers over the past weekend.

    The workaround is to delete the app cache data (Android) or uninstall and re-install the app (iOS). We'll be pushing out a short term fix while we work out the root cause of the issue.

  • The mobile app reports that a hotspot needs attention while it is syncing the blockchain. While your hotspot is syncing the needs attention warning can be ignored.

    Contact support if your hotspot states that it needs attention while the sync is at 100% or if the sync percentage is stuck at the same number for more than an hour.

  • The app reports that is "unable to pair because it's not <your hotspot name>". This usually happens when the hotspot is syncing, which causes high CPU load.

    We're working on fixing this. A workaround is to try to pair again a few times to get past it.

  • The app reports that there is a fee associated with adding a hotspot. All Helium hotspots have these fees waived, and a hotspot update fixes this issue.

    If you see this error, please close the application and wait for about 10-15 minutes for the hotspot to update itself. You should see the light turn of as the hotspot restarts to apply the update.