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Community Governance

The Helium Community is the home to over tens of thousands developers and network operators who collaborate every day across the world to build the Helium Network. Any and all are welcome to take part. Join us!


The Helium Discord is the primary communication channel for the Helium Network Community. Here you'll find real-time, in-depth discussion on all parts of the Helium Network. It is also the primary venue to get support for using the Network.

Helium Improvement Proposals

The Helium Community uses a governance mechanism called Helium Improvement Proposals (known as "HIPs"). Modeled on BIPs from the Bitcoin community, HIPs are used to introduce, debate, and approve/reject new changes to major elements of the Network like the core blockchain, $HNT token economics, and Network governance itself.

In the earliest phases it's best to vet an idea with the Helium community via Discord. This is a good way to see if there is initial support for the idea, or if it's been discussed before.

HIPs are managed entirely from the HIP GitHub repository. HIP discussion also happens in the Improvement Proposal section of Helium Discord. Any and all members of the Helium Community are encouraged to create HIPs, and participate in the governance process.

Monthly Community Calls

The Helium Community holds monthly video calls (led by the Helium Foundation). These typically happen on the the 4th Wednesday of each month at 12PM ET. Each call has an open agenda, and any community member can join and add items to the agenda to be discussed.

Social Media

Helium is everywhere. Here's the full list: