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Deprecation Incoming

With the Solana Migration, these API endpoints may no longer be available.

Please refer to Oracles and Oracle Data documentation for more information on accessing data.

Available on the Oracles API

Reward Totals

Available on the Oracles API

The data provided by endpoint is available using the Oracles API and requires parsing S3 data. More information will be made available in the future.


Returns the total rewards for the whole network in a given timeframe. Timestamps can be given in ISO 8601 format (e.g. 2020-08-27T00:00:00Z) or in relative time (e.g. -1 week, which when url esacped becomes -1%20week). When ommitted the current time is assumed.

The results can also be bucketed in time by specifying a bucket query parameter which buckets information per bucket in the given timeframe. Data is bucketed by time. Valid bucket values include hour, day and week).

For example to get the last 7 days of rewards bucketed by day use the following path/parameters: ?min_time=-7%20day&bucket=day

The block that contains the max_time timestamp is excluded from the result.

Query Parameters

min_time (required)stringFirst time to include rewards for
max_time (required)stringLast time to include rewards for
bucket (optional)stringBucket specifier