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DC Burns

DC Burn Totals


Returns the total Data Credits (DC) burned for the whole network in a given timeframe. Timestamps can be given in ISO 8601 format (e.g. 2020-08-27T00:00:00Z) or in relative time (e.g. -1 week, which, when url- escaped becomes -1%20week). When omitted the current time (UTC) is assumed.

The results can also be bucketed in time by specifying a bucket query parameter which buckets information per bucket in the given timeframe. Data is bucketed by time. Valid bucket values include hour, day and week).

For example to get the last 7 days of DC burns bucketed by day use the following path/parameters:


The block that contains the max_time timestamp is excluded from the result.

Query Parameters

min_time (required)stringFirst time to include burns for
max_time (required)stringLast time to include burns for
bucket (optional)stringBucket specifier

DC Burn Stats


Returns current statics for for Data Credits (DC) burntfor the whole network.

No Parameters

DC Burn Events


Use this API to list DC burn events. Events include a block, amount, type of burn, and the address of the account the DC were burned out of. The oracle price that was active at the point the DC burn happened is also listed to enable calculating how much HNT the burned DC represents.

Note that this route does not return the implicit HNT to DC conversion that happens when an account does not have enough DC available for a given transaction.

This route is cursor paginated.

Query Parameters

cursor (optional)stringCursor for page to fetch