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5G On Helium

Historically many mobile networks are built top-down by service providers (e.g., AT&T and Verizon in the United States). However, future networks will likely be a hybrid of large-scale operators and people-owned 5G Hotspots due to consumer behavior demands (higher bandwidth and lower latency requirements) and the physics of wireless radio, requiring denser networks with more nodes, further increasing site acquisition costs.

The Helium model decentralizes these costs and enables communities to participate in building reliable, high-bandwidth networks using technologies like CBRS and Wi-Fi. We see service providers as a critical component of this ecosystem rather than replacing service providers altogether.

Purchase a 5G Hotspot and CBRS Small Cell Radios

Visit for more information on purchasing a 5G Hotspot and CBRS Radios to build coverage in your area!

Network of Networks

A general structure for onboarding new Decentralized Network Protocols (DNPs) to the broader Helium Network was created with the passing of HIP 51: Helium DAOs. The Helium Mobile DAO with 5G Hotspots is the first step in the evolution of the Helium ecosystem.

The passing of HIP 51: Helium DAOs additionally allows for the creation of MOBILE tokens that will reward 5G Hotspots with Small Cell Radio(s) on the existing Helium Blockchain.


As defined in HIP-51 and HIP-53, and approved by community-wide votes, the Helium Foundation receives an allocation of 50B (billion) of 250B MOBILE tokens in the form of a pre-mine.

The uses of proceeds are roughly defined as follows:

Genesis Period Rewards: 10B MOBILE

The Helium Foundation will work with the core developers to initiate the Genesis period of MOBILE rewards. 100M (million) tokens will be programmatically issued per day to all active Helium 5G Hotspots during the Genesis period.

Details of the proportional mining rewards for active 5G Small Cell Radios can be found here. Any MOBILE not mined during the Genesis period may be reallocated to Grants and Operations.

Grants and Operations: 30B MOBILE

The Helium Foundation will distribute grants to teams making core contributions to the development of the MOBILE subDAO. Grants will be distributed based on defined deliverables and milestones.

The Nova Labs team will be the first grant recipient for work-in-progress and ongoing development for the MOBILE subDAO. This is spread across three deliverables with 5B MOBILE per milestone for a total grant of 15B MOBILE:

  • Milestone 1: Ability for 5G Hotspots to earn MOBILE (by August 2022)
  • Milestone 2: Development and release of programmatic treasury (by October 2022)
  • Milestone 3: Proof-of-Coverage based rewards (by January 2023)

The remaining 15B MOBILE is reserved for other work pertaining to Oracles and Mappers development or other community contributions.

Growth Activities Related to the MOBILE subDAO: 10B MOBILE

Reserved for marketing and educational campaigns around the MOBILE subDAO.

Emissions Curve

There is a max supply of 250B (billion) MOBILE with issuance halvenings every two years aligned with the HNT issuance halvenings. The first halving will occur on August 1, 2023, to align with HNT halving and will continue on a 2-year cycle afterward. Creating a "stub period" as defined by HIP 53: Mobile subDAO, which will begin when standard emissions of MOBILE tokens begin (and MOBILE can be redeemed by HNT in the subDAO's treasury).

The date for this is currently TBD and dependent on core developers implementing the HNT token treasury and redemption transactions on the Helium Blockchain as defined for all new subDAOs in Phase 2 of HIP 51: Helium DAO.

Manage Tokens with the Helium Wallet App

A 5G Hotspot with an attached and properly registered Small Cell Radio will start earning MOBILE automatically as one "lump sum" to the associated Wallet. You can learn more about calculating MOBILE Rewards in the MOBILE Proof of Coverage documentation.

Interacting with MOBILE tokens is only possible using the Helium Wallet App. Be sure to update the Helium Wallet app to the latest version. More information can be found on the #announcements channel in Helium Discord